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idigitalglobe is a platform which was introduced on July 23,2017 to provide various tools of digital marketing
which empowers the decision making on harnessing the power of social right through the lifecycle of product and services.
idigitalglobe is a website which provides you the knowledge on various tool which can be used to promote the services on digitalmarketing.


idigitalglobe did not start as a company . We started as an idea , a dream and a concept to offer value based services.
Our mission is to provide affordable website design and marketing services throughout the world. We care our customers by providing them a vast knowledge and services of digital marketing. In today’s  scenerio  companies are looking forward to gather the knowledge regarding how to push its services or the products to its customers in different manner so we are providing the companies the services which they want to satisfy the taste of promoting their products to the customers in a different manner. idigitalglobe always come up with a new idea on how to create a platform for its clients so that they can able use that platform in promoting it services worldwide.

Who we are

A team that loves to create

We as a team provides our clients a wide range of services in digital marketing. We are here to provide the best solution regarding how to target the audiences to get the maximum reach as well as advising our clients to choose the best option so as to maximize its business to a higher level

idigitalglobe always keen to provide the best solution in digital marketing by using various tools such as SEO, Social Media Marketing,E-mail marketing, Website Creation, Product Branding and many more. We are here to provide the best marketing solution to our clients so that they can use it in promoting their services in a digital platform.

What we do

Let's check our work

Our services are the only proof which let you to give a way and shaking hands with us. We tend to provide the best digital services to our clients. Our team is eagerly working to get the best solution as well as wide range of options among our clients. We are gathering the best digital techniques so that it could be utilize according to the clients needs and wants.

So lets shake hands with each other so that we can transform your desires into reality and give you the best results and publicize your services worldwide.



Strategic, Passionate and the cream of the Crop

Sujata Pal

Owner/ Managing Director

The mind behind starting up this online firm come to this person. She has having an incredible command on digital marketing,working from past 0ne year she knew what exactly the clients wants and deliver the best possible outcomes with the help of the team

Chetan Mandloi

Blogger/Content Writer

Chetan is having an excellent grip on how to use the words and arrange it to give a perfect shape in the form of blogs. He has having the command to think out of the box and write the best content according to the desire of the clients

Sanjeev Bose

Marketing Head/ Co-Founder

Sanjeev is having an excellent command on how to develop the best strategies according to the client needs. Apart from it he knows how to arrange the best solution regarding the marketing of the services on various digital platform.


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