What makes a solid “About Us” Page?


It is the first page of the entire website which let the users of the website to know what it actually contains, it is the vital page of the entire website which draws attention and holds the grip of the entire website page, it is the first stop in any users journey along a website.

One should always create a best page when it comes to the “About Us” as it the crucial page which gives the entire information regarding the entire website. One should always make an “About Us” page which is highly informative and impressive as engage the highest audience to your website. As when users go through your website they always want it to get something different when being compared with the other websites. Thus it requires a right balance between the content and the design. One should make a website which is both informative as well as approachable. If you know your mission regarding your business then you will definitely bring out the best in your About Us page which clearly defines what you want from your business and what you want to give to your users.

By using certain examples you can able to make your website the best by engaging your users to the highest level:

  • Toyfight: It is an award winning creative design agency who are engage in making your website the best one. You”ll find the about us page at the top of the menu. It gives the perfect mix of fun and information.


  • Band: This agency is based in Pacific Northwest. Their About Us page is basically a handwritten type which gives you a different effect on your website.


  • Pierro Caron: Pierro Carron is French sculptor, his website is light and simple full of artistic quotes and photos of his labors of love.


  • Less Films: If you want to be awesome by adding videos on your page then they give you the best video adding features, based in Florida . On their About Us page you will get  50-seconds videos along with facts of the videos.


There are lots of agencies who are actively involved in making the best websites and delivering innovative ideas on how to make the website the best amongst your competitors.





SEO Services


Search Engine Optimization is a critical component of digital marketing. Google process billions of searches every day we as a digital marketer push your website above your competition   to get the highest rankings.

With the fast –paced growth and development of the virtual platform, online enterprises are finding it highly imperative to strengthen their digital presence will prove to be the best in attracting potential customers. The first thing you should do in order to find yourself in internet is to build a website of yours, and then you must appear in the first page of the internet ranking. Opt for the best digital marketing service providers who are going to advice and help you up in promoting your business in an online platform

How does SEO work??

  • Keyword Research: the foundation SEO campaign starts by going through a deep research on keywords. Identifying the most effective keywords let you to get the highest ranking on Google list.


  • Competitive Analysis: there are so many companies who are competeting with each , we analyse the strength and weakness so that it could bring the best possible outcome for the online growth.


  • Link Building: by establishing links with high ranking website enable you to get the relevant traffic on your website.


  • Regular Blog Post: By updating your website with fresh content let the audience to get attracted more. It helps to bring the traffic and let you to generate more business out of it. Blogs are the fuel which help you to get the highest rank on the Google list.


  • SEO impacts everything by reaching local customers as well as mobile customers.

SEO techniques can be used to reach people immediate to your neighbourhood. We use local SEO techniques to help those customers who are outside your doorstep.

And as the name itself implies Mobile Customers , here the SEO service providers target those audience who are active in the social networking sites and they use their cell phones in a very rapid way. Depending on your goals , and need one, or a combination, of the above services may be right for your website.




How to make Website on WordPress


Its take 3 simple steps to create a website on wordpress:
1 firstly you have to choose a website platform i.e. WordPress
2 create a domain name and web hosting
3 set up and customize your website

• Choosing the web platform is the critical task way back when I have started creating my website it took me plenty of time to choose the best platform for building up my website. Its very difficult to make website from scratch because it took lots of coding and and design skill but after looking forward for the best tool I got wordpress , wordpress is the most popular content management system as it is free of cost. So for beginners I would strongly recommend to use WordPress as it is the easiest platform I have ever worked.

• Though the platform is free of cost but purchasing domain name and hosting will cost you somewhere around$3-$5 . Owing ypur domain name will look you more like a professional. Plus hosting will lead you to not go down for hours.

• Now after purchasing domain name and hosting the next step will let you create a website with wordpress. Here are some steps which will let you how to create your website’

# Log on to your hosting account
# Go to your control p’anel
# Look for the wordprss or website icon
# Choose the domain where you want to onstall your website.
# Click on “Install now” button and you will get the access to your new website .

Content Marketing Institutes:


Content is an essential part of any digital marketing campaign, hence these institutions provides the best advice to how to use the content on promoting the brand. It provides you the picture of developing new strategies of promoting the brand and take initiatives to draw attention of the clients towards the products or services.
One of the main objectives of these institutions is provide training or to provide education to the marketers. The resources they provide gives the practical experience on how to use the content to promote brand awareness online by integrating innovative trends. E-consultancy offers you the advice on how to get the fresh content regarding the brand awareness.
These consultancy always look forward to give the best outcomes on behalf of its clients by providing them eye catching websites which is the platform for putting the products or services and attracting the traffic towards it. These institution a lways let you feed the best desirable content which matches your taste and preferences.
Promoting services and products on behalf of clients is the supreme motto of every digital marketing consultancy firm. They always look forward by getting the best material which would likely be used in reshaping the business in highest level. The highly skilled trainers are always there to bring the best in promoting the campaign of the products and services on behalf of its clients to the best possible way.
These consultancy is always keen to give to the best and creative way to maximize your leads and help to regenerating and reshaping the business to best possible way.